29 January 2009

Photos of Christmas Past

Now that's been over a month since I've returned to Paris after a wonderful Christmas in Michigan, it seems like I ought to get around to posting some of the pictures. I took a lot (over 800!) and there were nearly 200 that I wanted to share. To make it easier I broke them up into albums and have posted a few of my favorites from each here. I hope that this brings back as many warms memories for all of you as it did for me.

Bonnie reacts as Al gets the second dog to complete the collection.

Ben arrives after taking the train from Chicago.

Esther helps clear the snow at Oma and Opa's house.

Pete looks sweet, as usual.

Nick waits patiently for presents.

Rachel too.

The classic, with Nick's most normal face.

Mom makes her famous French toast (Esther approves!).

Pete can't be bothered to get up, even though it's Christmas!

Dad, as usual, bringing the wood.

The goose.

Mike attempts to open the goose with a corkscrew.

Forget Santa Claus, this is the face of Christmas.

Esther likes the cold air.

The goose is carved.

Pete prepares his plate.

And get's comfortable with Jimmy.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

There are a lot more pictures in the albums, please have a look at them!

Christmas 2008 - Gregory House
Christmas 2008 - Snow Storm
Christmas 2008 - White Elephants
Christmas 2008 - Christmas Eve
Christmas 2008 - Christmas Day

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