17 September 2007

Married Blogging Begins!

And we're back! It has been quite a month, quite a month indeed. Obviously, the big news is that Esther and I are now married. Folks are inclined to ask, "How's married life?" and all I can tell them is that it involves a lot of traveling, a lot of planning, huge amounts of craziness, followed by separation. Suffice it to say that things are not yet "back to normal." Esther is in Paris, I'm still in Michigan waiting for my French papers to come through which is, clearly, not the ideal way to be enjoying married life. We're working on fixing that. But that's the boring present, the fun stuff is everything that we did just before and just after the wedding, not to mention the wedding itself. To properly explain all of this I knew that I needed to have pictures ready and, given that I took about 2,000 pictures in about three weeks, processing those images has added to to the delay in getting this post up. (I've been put to shame by Chris and Stashia who got married six days after Esther and I, immediately moved to Seattle, started a new job, found and moved into a new house, took care of their kid, and still had the time to start and post to a new blog. Make sure you visit the blog, their son, Tryson, is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Here's the link: http://christashia.blogspot.com/)

So without further ado, here come the pictures, the stories, and the craziness of the past month!

(Of course, the following posts will be above this one because of the reverse chronological order of blogs... Newfangled logic of the internets...)