22 January 2009

Peaceful Transition of Power

Why did the talking heads during the inauguration on CNN keep going on about the singularity of the peaceful transition of power in American politics. Not only is the United States not unique in its tradition of a peaceful transition of power, but it would be genuinely remarkable if there were a non-peaceful transition in a developed country.

Sure, we Americans like to feel good about our country with good reason. There is an incredible amount to be proud of, but that doesn't mean that we need to go around making ludicrous claims. In fact, doing so cheapens our appreciation of our country. An affection built with even a few falsehoods is forever tainted by their presence. What is true and what is false become forever mixed and this conflict is resolved by either cynicism towards the country's true greatness (they may be lies after all) or blind allegiance to all purported facts (since you're already accepting some lies, why not all). It's framing in action, what becomes true of one object ("facts" regarding the country) become true of all.

Love your country for what it is, not some bizarre, feel-good claims.

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  1. Or maybe just know your country for what it is. Then you can love what's good about it, and hopefully address what's not good. By the way, a classy blog. Thanks.