22 January 2007

Towards French, Slowly but Surely

Saturday marked a notable day in my progression toward French language proficiency; I had my final exam for the first semester at the Sorbonne. It had been a while since I had taken an exam and, even though the grade that I get in this class has no bearing on my future, I found myself pretty nervous going into it. Thankfully though, the nerves turned out to be unfounded as the exam went off without any serious hitch. I made some mistakes but nothing too serious and I think that I proved to them that I have succeeded in attaining niveau élémentaire (elementary level) and that I deserve to move onto niveau intermédiare. The good news is that I feel that I have made a lot of prgoress in my French, even if Esther and I don't speak it at home as often as we should. I imagine that after the next semester I should be even more comfortable using the language in social settings.

So, off to the next semester I go with all of its verb tenses (plus-que-parfait is my current favorite), grammar, and vocabulary. Sounds like fun!

Coming soon from Life in Kurtistan:
A major book review post is in the works. If you were wondering not only what I've been reading but what I thought of it too, you're in luck! It should be up in a few days...

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