30 January 2007

New Feature! Kurt's Shared Items

At the top left, directly below the banner image, there is a box labeled "Kurt's Shared Items." These are interesting things that I've read or watched on the internet that I thought were interesting and wanted to share with you. They are all links to different sites and will be updated very frequently, potentially more than once a day, so you may want to check on it more often than you do the regular blog. Also, some may link to videos which will be difficult for readers using a dial-up internet connection. Unfortunately there is no way for me to warn you of this (though if the source is "Daily Show Videos" or something like that, you can bet that it is a video).

[Tech note for those who are interested: This is a widget that it getting live updates from my Google Reader account and posting my Shared Items list here. It's really easy to set up, but not as customizable as I would like (that's why it doesn't match my template exactly). Let me know if you are interested in setting this up.]


  1. A Widget? Is that a real thing??

  2. Widgets are the hottest new thing in computing!

    For more info try here:

    and here:

  3. Did you mean Kurt's Shared Items?

    No wonder I didn't know what a widget is! I'm about 4 years behind in all things computing.

    Also, regarding Wikipedia- did you read the flap over Wikipedia and MyWikibiz.com? http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/W/WIKIPEDIA_PAID_ENTRIES?SITE=WIRE&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2007-01-24-15-06-22
    I happened to see it in the Free Press (the only paper I read) and the article caught my attention because the owner of MyWikiBiz is my friend Karen's brother. Evidently Karen is a part of the company as well. It figures this brilliant family would think this up. A very interesting debate ensued about hiring people to write NPOV articles for Wiki. I think the Kohs' lost- for now.

  4. unfrozencavemandad5:32 PM

    If you were enrolled in an accounting class back in the day, you would have been exposed to the term "widget" more times than you may have liked. It was a generic term used to describe any unit of production of a company, e.g. "The Acme company produces 786 widgets per day at a variable cost of....".

  5. unfrozencavemandad (ufcmd),

    As a matter of fact, the term is still in widespread use. In my Econ 101 class of a few years ago we did calculate the price pressures for widgets. Some things never change...

    By the way, I like the name. Very appropriate.