22 June 2010

Le Mans

I had the opportunity to take in the spectacle that is the 24 Hours of Le Mans again this year. Unlike last year, I was able to stay throughout the entire weekend.

The noise, the scale, the drunken Europeans, it was everything that it could possibly be. As usual, the pictures tell the story the best. Of the nearly 600 photos that I took, the most illustrative 115 are in the album below.

Here are a few samples:

Le Mans 2010


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Kurt - A great album! It must have been awesome being there and having paddock access. Dad

  2. Thanks Dad, you'll need to make it over here one summer for the third weekend in June!

  3. Anonymous12:46 AM

    I've seen the picture you've taken of Detroit on the Geo website and loved them. I'm a French girl, I live between Paris and London mostly London but I'm in Paris right now. I was in Michigan a couple of month ago because I'm working on a project set in Detroit. I would like to talk about it more with you but not on a blog public comments page. Can you give an e-mail address where I can talk to you about this project? Thank you.

  4. Hi, I'm glad you liked the Detroit photos. My email address is the same as the first eight letters of the blog's URL, at Gmail.