25 September 2008

Feats of Strength!

Buzzfeed brought my attention to this program, One Hundred Push Ups, which is a program to be able to do just that, one hundred push ups, after six weeks of training. Esther and I decided that it would be a good thing to do.

We just started Week 3 and it just got a lot harder all of a sudden. For the first time we haven't been able to advance to the next day. The results, however, are already visible. Perhaps it's just the low baseline that we're coming from, I know that creating adventures actually involves a lot of sitting behind a computer all day which does not, in general, promote muscle definition.

So far things are going well and I hope that we'll be able to do the hundred sometime in December. Having the external program telling you exactly what you need to do every day makes it a lot simpler, so far we've stuck to the regimen without exception. Since making this effort public helps to keep me motivated, check back in the future for further updates.

(By the way, this is nothing compared to Chris competing in a triathlon. Congratulations Chris, awesome job!)


  1. o.k., so I'm up for the challenge. I did my initial pusk ups (not the 50, I did in boot camp, but I know I can get there.) Yesterday Jimmy and I had a collision, so you can imagine what a collision at full speed between a 100 lb. dog and a XXXlb mom was like- we both came away injured- so that may hold me back until my knee heals, but lets see if I can get to 100 by the time you get here in December (hey- you have 3 weeks on me!)But I've got Dawn- my secret weapon...

  2. Good job for doing it and good luck with it! The third week is a real killer...