01 August 2008

Obama: The Anti-Fun Candidate?

From his remarks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today,

But the time for game-playing is over. That's why I'm running for President.
Hmmn... Not sure how that's going to play in Marvin Gardens, to say nothing of St. James Place.

I must admit that I derive a certain pleasure from watching the McCain camp continue to spin in circles, throwing incoherent, inconsistent, and frequently dishonest messages into the media "chatter" in the hopes that some of it sticks. Since the beginning of my political consciousness (ca. 2000) it is a practice that I had assumed belonged in its entirety to Democrats.

I think that Obama's full response, from which I extracted the quote above, is a solid response to it all. (Via Marc Ambinder.)
We want to have a serious debate. But so far, we've been hearing about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. I do have to ask my opponent: is that the best you can come up with? Is that really what the election is about? Is that worthy of the American people? Even the media has pointed out...that McCain has fallen back into ... predictable political attacks and demonstratively false statements... Spending all this time talking about me instead of talking about what he's going to do. That's not going to lower your gas prices. That's's not going...to help you find a job if it's been shipped overseas. It doesn't do a single thing to help the American people. It's the politics of the game. But the time for game-playing is over. That's why I'm running for President.....
Given the media response that I've seen in reaction to McCain's lowbrow antics, I think that the message will get through.


  1. I'm not so Obama's message will get through, and it definitely doesn't give me any pleasure to see the garbage McCain is spewing. Obama's lead has apparently vanished as a result of these inane attacks. I think it could go either way at this point (including a massive landslide for McCain). Its funny that you associate this stuff with democrats; my association is the opposite.

  2. See the post "From Whence My Confidence Cometh" for a response to the major points here.

    In terms of associating certain campaign tactics with one party or another, it is really Kerry's inability to put together a compelling message in 2004 that motivated my remarks. They often seemed incoherent and inconsistent, though rarely dishonest.

    Dishonesty I don't attribute to the Republican party, simply to Rovian tactics which, unfortunately, McCain seems to see as his only shot at eking out a win.