13 June 2008

Throwing Confetti > Cleaning up Confetti

The parents sent me a box of birthday goodies, the packing material for which was cross-cut paper. There are some obvious advantages to this:

  1. Safely cushioned goods.
  2. Turning what used to be waste into something useful = super eco-friendly.
  3. Confetti!

Slowly, however, the reality of the act emerges:

Until finally, the full consequences sink in:

It cleaned up quicker than I thought.

I imagine a conversation somewhere in Michigan about two weeks ago going something like this:
"You know that as soon as he opens this, there's going to be confetti everywhere. Esther's not going to be happy."

"Oh come on, he's not that immature."

"It's Kurt we're talking about."

"Ah yes, perhaps it was a bad idea. At the very least it will make for a memorable experience."

Memorable indeed.

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