21 April 2008

Where in the World?

Stockholm, of course!

It was a really great trip, Sweden seems to be an immensely enjoyable country so long as you can deal with the weather and diurnal madness.

First, here are my favorite things about Stockholm:

  1. The Food: Given that Sweden has about 2,000 miles of coastline (more than twice as much as the United States, relative to total area), seafood takes a particularly important position in the Swedish diet. The favorites seem to be shrimp, mussels, langoustes, salmon (smoked and fresh) and, much to my pleasure, herring of all sorts.
  2. The Cars: Unlike the French, the Swedes seem to have a true appreciation of American cars. Sure, you'll see the occasional Chrysler 300 taxi in Paris, but you can be sure that it's a CRD version. In Stockholm I saw not only several 300s, but an 300 SRT8, two C6 Corvettes (one sounding like it was under forced induction) and a Grand Cherokee SRT8. I would attribute a stronger car culture in the country to the fact that many people live in rural areas or smaller cities without strong public transit, and wider, more car-friendly roads in the major cities. That said, Stockholm has an amazing public transport system, especially given its relatively small size.
  3. Dagens Lunch: Though technically a food subject, this lunch feast deserves it's own point. On weekdays, you can go to most cafes and restaurants and get a fantastic spread for about ten dollars. I had a hearty seafood stew with garlic bread, a salmon filet with bulgar wheat and a roasted fennel, a salad bar, soft drink, coffee and cake. For ten dollars! And it was excellent quality, no fast food here! It was a bit complicated to order, but it was well worth the fit of miscommunication.

I took about 800 pictures so the law of averages guarantees that there be some good ones. Here are some of my favorites:

Here are the links to the full albums (as of yet uncaptioned, sorry for that):
Travels - Stockholm 1

Travels - Stockholm 2

Travels - Stockholm 3

There you have it, the conclusion to the two-week old mystery. Enjoy the photos!

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    Great pics in your favorites! I'll spend time going through the albums this weekend.