05 February 2008

I voted!

In person, on a paper ballot, surrounded by Americans. Democrats Abroad organized a polling station at the American Cathedral in Paris for all of us overseas folk to take part in the democracy-fest of February 5th. That means that my vote counts, even though I'm from Michigan (whose delegates won't be counted at the Democratic National Convention). That said, there are only 3 delegates at stake for the expatriates but I am still (irrationally) content to be part of the process.

The New York Times was looking for pictures from polling stations so I naturally took it upon myself to take some. The results are up on the NYT page. Esther took the fifth in the series, it's my hand in the bottom right.

I'm going to sleep, there's no way can I wait for the results from California come in over here. Intrade has Obama and Clinton at a 50/50 tie and I about agree with that. My prediction is that this will continue well into March.

Everything else is going along well, I've been rather sick lately and busy with work, hence the thin posting. I've got some things to say, just not the time and motivation to get around to saying them. Hope you all are well.


  1. that's awesome. I didnt even know something like that existed.

  2. good prediction about the "well into March"...if I were cynical, I would say at this point it looks like they will go to the beginning of summer while McCain makes a great foreign policy name for himself and goes untouched. Then when Obama takes it, he can repair his reputation from what was a runaway situation on the "change" ticket....ah, so goes American politics.