16 October 2007

Fun with the Rozenkiers

The Rozenkiers were able to come for about two weeks altogether so we made sure to have fun both before and after the wedding. Here's a bit of what we did:

First we went up to Burt Lake:

Rozenkiers at Burt Lake

While at Burt Lake we went tubing:

Then we went to Sleeping Bear Dunes and Ludington:
Rozenkiers at Sleeping Bear Dunes and Ludington

After the wedding we went to Chicago:
Rozenkiers in Chicago

When we came back, we went to Detroit:
Rozenkiers in Detroit

Followed by Harsens Island (specifically, the Turkey Shoot):
Rozenkiers at Harsens Island

And, to finish off their travels in the United States, a trip to the indoor gun range at Bass Pro Shops!
Rozenkiers Shooting

Great times all around!

1 comment:

  1. unfrozencavemandad3:55 AM

    Ahhh, the American experience in just a few days......Up North, The Motor City, The Windy City, The Riviera of S.E. Michigan, and an afternoon at the range. Next time, football and NASCAR!