02 August 2007

A little behind on things...

It would appear that I've fallen a little behind on keeping the old blog up to date (understatement intended). Here are some possible excuses that I've come up with:

  • Impending wedding and related planning
  • Uncertainty regarding some major educational/professional decisions
  • Sudden-onset super-morbid-obesity (can:t m thuyp, fdkiingeers toioio fqat@!!~)
  • Intensive French classes (20 hrs/week!)
  • un ennui indéfinissable
Some of the above are true, others are not, you take your pick. Just to prove how behind I am on posting, here are some pictures that I took while still in the US!

Autocross at Oakland University

More posts to come as wedding planning subsides, I make some decisions, I lose 65% of my body mass, my classes come to an end, and/or I stop being annoyingly French.


  1. unfrozencavemandad3:56 AM

    Super-morbid-obesity? I knew all that foie gras and fromage would catch up with you! Don't worry -- when you get to Michigan you'll sweat it off in a few days. Great pics from the autocross, and my last glimpse of the DCX Transatlantic Star on its approach to Pontiac -- it's all economy class for me from now on!

  2. Ummm... when was that autocross? I believe there was only one in June/July at Oakland and I was there for the majority of it. Where the hell were you guys sitting, I didn't see you and there really wern't that many people there. Weird.