09 June 2007

The Big Announcement

Given the two very important facts that a lot of people already know and that nothing is official until it is posted on my blog and Facebook, it's time to let this into the public sphere:

Esther and I are getting married!

Seriously. It's official, the date is set for August 25th in Rochester with a party in Paris in late September. It's short lead time to get everything arranged, but we wanted to condense the suffering of wedding planning into as short of a time as possible as well as enjoy the benefits of marriage as soon as possible.

Obviously we're both extremely excited and a little bit nervous. Though our feelings about the ceremony itself are a bit mixed (after all, Esther has to buy and wear a dress), our confidence that this is the right decision is absolute.

Finally, because I can take nothing completely seriously, an engagement picture done in the style of lolcat:

A more appropriate picture will come soon. All apologies to those who are offended...


  1. Congratulations Kurt!!

  2. Congratulation to both of you!!