08 February 2007

Why I like The Economist

I just shared three articles from The Economist, one of my favorite magazines. Two are about France and one is about Detroit. All come from a British, free-market perspective. All are informative. Read them!

(Also, if there should ever be something that you miss on my Shared Items, simply click the "Read more..." link at the bottom right of the widget, it will take you to a page with every item ever shared.)


  1. I started getting The Economist last year, and I've been pretty pleased. I only have two complaints:

    (1) Their science editor is pretty bad sometimes. At least two recent articles have had major errors that were easily preventable by a (very) little googling.

    (2) They're pretty fucking insensitive from time to time--offensive picture captions and article titles, etc.

    Other than that, I really like getting a magazine each week! :-D


  2. Adam,

    I love the fact that you are upset by their insensitive comments. That's awesome.

    Also, do you remember what the science errors were? I'm curious to know...

  3. I might not be the nicest guy in the world, but even I have limits... :-)

    I can only recall one of the mistakes off the top of my head (I highlighted the other, but it's somewhere near the bottom of my huge stack of magazines). It was in an article about AI. The author said that Carl Hempel was the first to note the validity of the inference from (x)(Px->Gx) to (x)(~Gx->~Px). That's completely wrong. Aristotle knew that was a valid inference. Hempel's contribution was more complicated than that; he showed that from two reasonable-sounding principles about the confirmation of scientific theories we can derive the strange result that observation of any non-black thing confirms the statement that all ravens are black.

    I sent them an email, and they told me that they had already gotten a bunch of corrections.