13 December 2006

Pete's Coming!

Kurt was feeling a little homesick but couldn't rationalize going home for Christmas. "It was too far, it was expensive, I have the opportunity to travel a bit in Europe, I would be coming back from a week in Scotland and then heading right back out the door, etc..." Esther was able to solve this problem when she proposed, "Maybe if you can't go home to see your family, perhaps someone from your family can come here. Like Pete, for example." Kurt said, "Brilliant!" just like the guys in the Guinness commercial. Kurt called Pete and the parents and by the time that he woke up the next morning to find an email announcing Pete's travel plans, leaving just after Christmas and returning about a week after New Year's. "Wonderful!" Kurt thought.

Then Kurt got to thinking what would be fun things for the two brothers to do while in Paris and wherever else they might go. The list stands as follows:

  • Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, etc...
  • Eat ridiculous quantities of baked goods including, but not limited to; croissants, pain au chocolat, chausson aux pommes, tartelette de framboise, and pain au raisin.
  • Laugh at small things including, but not limited to; people, cars, and the bench seats in the Metro.
  • Look at the dead fish at the weekly market. There is weird stuff that I've never seen before.
Certainly this list is not exhaustive and, in fact, I am hoping that the "power or the internet" can help it to expand. If you have some good ideas, please leave them as a comment to this post.

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